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Our mission is to empower every family and child towards integration, growth, and development.

At Praise and Pearl Group, we want to empower Parents with the skill and knowledge to support the growth and development of their children in reaching their full potential. We also want to inspire more families towards integration and bonding, thereby building a strong family-centered society filled with harmony, positive connections, and genuine love.

Praise and Pearl mission statement
About Us

We are all about building connections in the family, and improving child development skills among Parents, Caregivers, and Educators. 

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Praise and Pearl Group is an organization dedicated to promoting family integration or connection. We are passionate about Parenting, Child development and families living together, growing together and sharing wonderful memories.

Our core areas lies in:  

  • Parenting
  • Child Development 
  • Arts Tourism
  • Children/Young adults Counselling and Therapy
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core areas

Our Programs, products and services run along these three core areas of our organization.


Acquire the skills you need to raise a star and watch your little ones flourish in adulthood. Because parenting involves a lot of intricacies, we have done the work and now want to arm you with the tools you need on your parenting journey.

child development

From childhood to a lifetime, development continues. Whether you are a parent who is seeking to understand your child or a professional doing some research, we have several categories to browse through and learn.

Child development
Arts Tourism
arts tourism

Our Arts Tourism involves a family trip to explore and interact with Arts. It includes travelling to festivals, concerts, events or a family summer vocation.

Our travels are well planned and structured so that your family is able to not only enjoy the scenes, places and culture but also intentionally learn, grow and connect with each other.

Children/Young adults counselling and therapy

The mental health of children and Young adults matter and is just as important. Children and young Adults can attend therapy for many reasons including trauma related, abuse, misbehavior, inability to socialize and make friends, coping with stress, learning disabilities and more. Don't minimize your child's mental health needs. Speak to a therapist today!

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Family counseling
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Our programs are for you. Visit this page often to learn more about our next campaign and program to register.

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