Important yet difficult conversations to have with your child
Some kinds of conversations can be difficult yet are a must to have. Parents must empower themselves in order to have this conversations in a more meaningful way.
How to help your child handle bullying: A proven guide for Parents
The impact of bullying is huge. It can cause unhappiness, distress and even result in suicide. It can spiral into a number of physical or mental health problems. People who were bullied as children can suffer the effect right into adulthood and even worse, the rest of their lives.
Effective Parent-Teens Communication
Communication is the most important element in a healthy relationship. Communication should be fluid and very dynamic, this means that as your child is growing, your communication style and patterns ought to change as well
Why Family travel can be therapeutic
Family travels can bring a fresh perspective and meaning to your relationship. Find out more!
Discipline without yelling: The smart and healthy way
Discipline can be overwhelming but yelling should never be an option. It is combating bad behaviour with bad behaviour, and child tantrum with adult tantrum. Nothing is going to change.
Nourish the brain- The smart parents guide to raising a smart kid.
Diet affects brain function. Research has shown us that certain food types have a direct impact on the cognitive part of the brain. Find out how important certain foods are and build them into your child(ren)'s daily eating routine.