Why Family travel can be therapeutic

why family travel can be therapeutic
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I've always loved to travel, even as a child, I wanted to get on a bus and let it take me around while simply enjoying the moment of travelling. When I grew older, my love for travel and adventure intensified, unfortunately, my dream of travelling over the world couldn’t be sustained, especially after I got married and started a family.

Recently however, I’ve been thinking, should my children be the reason why I have to travel less or could there be a way to incorporate travelling into my family? I realized that just because I have a family shouldn't be the reason to give up on my travelling adventure, instead, it could be the reason why I should travel more because in reality family travel can give the opportunity for a meaningful travel experience.

Hence my research and findings on therapeutic family travel:

“Memories created together last a lifetime”

Family travel experiences are positive lifetime memories, as long as your children relish it, they also feel positive emotions about their experiences.

Children get the opportunity to interact with culture and Arts. They make new friends, see the world from a different perspective, learn a new language, skill, or culture, all of which make up their experience and personality. You’d be surprised your child picks up on something during a family travel that sets him or her on a career path for the rest of his or her life.

Travelling gives parent(s) the opportunity to give their children good attention and quality time. This can lead to deeper bonding, resulting in a better family relationship that often spans beyond the travel itself.

There are also benefits to a child’s overall development, travelling contributes to a child’s feelings of enrichment and happiness.

Family travel helps a child’s growing brain to love learning. Each adventure or experience sparks new ideas, new interesting learning adventure that has been proven to contribute to better grades in school.

If you have an uptight child who wouldn't speak to you about something, either for lack of the opportunity or because the conversation is difficult, then you may want to consider revisiting that conversation during a travel time because already the child is feeling a lot relaxed, the atmosphere is nonthreatening and you are able to access what went wrong from a different point of view.

Can travelling be therapeutic?

Yes, it can be. Certainly, travelling can be a major booster to your mental health and overall wellbeing. New experiences can trigger your creative side and engage a different side of you that you love. As a family, travelling can improve the overall mental health of the family, help every member connect deeply with the other and create memories together that last.

I've often heard therapist recommend a change of environment for struggling families, scientifically, this sort of therapeutic travel help the individuals break out of the usual routine and take a step back. Suddenly, you may begin to see clearly the answers that have been in front of you all the while. This sort of break also lets you appreciate each other more which can deeply nourish your family relationship.

It can be fun to travel and you don’t need to break the bank while you are at it. Praise and Pearl Group offers Arts Tourism experience for the entire family. Make your travel count. Make it intentional. Own the entire process. To get started, visit www.praiseandpearlgroup.com

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