Free counseling session at Praise and Pearl Group

Counseling can be an emotional process of healing, empowerment and recovery. And it can be so much more!

Attend our 1-hour FREE counseling session by choosing any of the areas listed below and enjoy premium services and full option for 1-hour. (Please note, counseling session will be conducted online)

  • Couple's counseling
  • Child Behaviour Analysis
  • Parents with Special needs Children
  • Intending Parents Counseling
  • Family Counselling/Therapy
Mental health for young people

Your child's mental health matters. At Praise and Pearl Group, we offer children and young adult counselling that includes Mental Health assessment, trauma therapy, rehabilitation, recovery from abuse, etc.

Register your child for a therapy session. By registering, be assured that you are committing your child to a safe, non-judgmental zone where they can be heard in a professional environment.

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